B2B Tool to Optimize Global Growth Marketing Creative

Challenge The objective was to scale creative output by generating large numbers of variations of assets quickly and efficiently without impacting timelines.

A proof-of-concept, called the Creative Generator, was developed that used creative elements of copy, photography, and color with defined guardrails to produce on-brand variations of marketing assets.


The Creative Generator increased the creative output by 100x, allowing eBay to optimize their campaigns through multi-arm bandit testing and machine learning to improve performance.

‚ÄčThe success of the proof-of-concept led eBay to adopt the Creative Generator in-house, establishing a dedicated team to integrate it into a larger platform called the Unified Experience. The Creative Generator became an essential tool for eBay's marketing efforts.

Image Creative Generator UI
Image Guardrails based on eBay's Brand Playbook
Image Creative elements as variables for testing
Image Creative elements applied across display ads